JRI’s Lawn Care


Lawn Care


Full Service Lawn Care


Your lawn deserves the best care.  JRI’s provides full service lawn care:  Mowing, Trimming, Edging and clean up are standard lawn care services.

Bush and Hedge Trimming


No matter untamed your hedge or bush may be, JRI’s lawn care will get your hedges and buses looking back to perfection in no time.  It’s about time you took control of your yard.

Dandelion Spray


JRI’s uses a two step Dandelion Spray to rid your lawn of those pesky yellow flowers.  Don’t wait before it’s too late, get your lawn sprayed by the team at JRI’s Lawn Care.

Weed Removal and Prevention


Weed’s…They just seem to grow anywhere and everywhere we don’t want them.  JRI’s sprays your yard to keep the weeds out, but the grass green!

Lawn Aeration


We want your lawn to look its best.  Lawn Aeration is healthy and allows your lawn to breathe and grow properly.  If your lawn hasn’t been aerated recently, let JRI’s swing by and do the job for you.

Sprinkler Repair / Miscellaneous


JRI’s is your full service lawn care company.  We repair minor sprinkler problems, and provide other miscellaneous services.  Whatever you need, we are there to make your yard the talk of the town!